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Video Production • Sound Production • Motion Graphics



The challenge:

In this cocktail of projects and different missions, the overall goal was to promote the events in the Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre area.

From artistic events, concerts, and festivals to more corporate style, we provided video services from filming to editing, sound production, and motion graphics.

We imitated the flip board airport motion to the logo's letters about Orly's airport. It also highlights the first letters of the municipality which appear next.

This animation can apply to the different colour themes of the logo's variations.

We animated each element of the illustration and made customized music linked to the animation, with the addition of sound design to boost the rhythm and reinforce a dynamic message.

See here why motion graphics is essential and can add value to your content and client's conversion rate.

Les Folles Journees is a series of shows and musical events in the Grand Orly Seine Bievre district. We film in different locations to combine the edit into one cohesive piece with custom music in sync with the video.

Video promotion of a CAPA class, a troupe of young wind instrumentalists playing on stage at the end of the year.

​Video teaser of the inauguration of the Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre ecomuseum in Fresnes. In addition to the video production services, the music was composed to add dynamism to the video.

​On the occasion of the Jazz de France event, we were led to contact one of the player of a jazz troupe and his team for an interview on the theme Jazz de France.

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