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Keil Eskildsen




Video Production - Photography - Graphic Design - Music production

The challenge:

  1. Universal Appeal: Successfully conveying the versatility of the jewelry, making it appealing for both boys and girls.

  2. Impactful Presentation: Achieving a high-impact projection that captivated the audience in a cinema environment.

  3. Creative Collaboration: Working in a dynamic setting with fashion and luxury brands, adding depth to the project.

  4. Original Music: The composition of unique music that not only aligned with the brand's identity but also enriched the audience's viewing experience.

We embarked on a vibrant project, creating a movie for teenagers, with an emphasis on young women, showcasing our client's jewelry appealing to both genders.


Premiered at a cinema during a high-profile fashion show, our film stood out among luxury brands. We fine-tuned it for the silver screen, with precise edits to visuals and sound for a powerful cinema experience.


A key feature was our original music composition, enhancing the film's appeal. This wasn't just a jewelry showcase; it was an engaging fusion of fashion, film, and music, captivating a young audience.

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Whether you're envisioning a bespoke postcard, a vibrant flyer to showcase your product, or an eye-catching design for a giant billboard, our team excels in creating captivating visuals. Specializing in photography and design, we bring your ideas to life, from A1 and A0 sized posters to large-scale projects like building murals and bus wraps. Our expertise lies in designing impactful imagery that's ready for professional-grade printing.

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