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Graphic Design • Social Media Ads



The challenge:

  • Create a visual identity that enhances health, balance, and nutrition. 

  • Create an e-book as the lead magnet. This is to attract the target group: women who want to create healthier lives filled with energy and young facial skin.

  • Attract leads on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

  • Publish daily feeds, stories, and reels to grow the community and following. 


  • Social Media Marketing is your capacity to attract customers, build customer loyalty, generate leads, do market analysis and go from local to global. ​

  • A landing page is an important step when you attract leads on Social Medias or on your website. It's the page that make them sign up for whatever treat you have as a FREEBEE (e.g. an e-book, check-list etc.). This is a great method to generate high conversions.

Malam PekFacebook & Landing page copy.jpg

Why is it an advantage with e-books as lead magnets for your business?

  • An e-book is a way of introducing yourself, your business and give valuable information to your audience. It's a way of attracting customers genuinely interested in what you offer, either as a service or a product. Most importantly it's an amazing way of generating leads by making them sign-up with their e-mail address. Leads that are likely to buy at some point from you. E-mails are still one of the most powerful marketing tools your business can possess! 

Malam Pek (1).png
Malam Pek (3).png

The visual identity was created with inspiration from nature: Green trees, plants, flowers, fruits, the sun as well as skin care. It was important to create a holistic perspective where beautiful prepared nutritional meals and well-being go hand in hand. 

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