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Svendborg Sportsklinik




Webdesign • Digital Marketing • Video Production, Strategy & Marketing • Graphic Design • UI/UX • Photography • SEO



The challenge:

  1. Develop a tailored WordPress website for client-specific needs.

  2. Craft a video strategy for the website and social media, considering themes, settings, and context.

  3. Design and produce website header and social media videos for Facebook and YouTube.

  4. Implement SEO techniques, including keywords, meta tags, and structured headings, to boost organic traffic.

  5. Integrate digital marketing features like newsletters, blogs, FAQs, client reviews, and an SEO-friendly layout to enhance website visibility.

At Macarons Design, we partnered with Svendborg Sportsklinik to craft a user-friendly Wordpress website. Our team delivered a responsive design with comprehensive UI/UX, front-end, and back-end development.


We enhanced the site with custom features, CSS, and advanced JavaScript. We also developed a digital marketing and video strategy, bolstered by SEO-focused copywriting, to boost visibility and organic traffic.

Click on the video to play

This is the results from the mobil version

Click on the video to play

Our team crafted standout videos for Facebook and YouTube, collaborating with the client on themes and storyboards. We filmed, edited, and polished the content, blending visuals, music, and a message that engages the target audience.

We created a header video showcasing the company's services in healthcare and sports training. In collaboration with the client, we developed a theme and storyboard, filmed key footage, and edited for smooth transitions and striking visuals.

We personally captured tailored photographs for our client's brand, as seen above. Our team ensured each image embodied the brand's essence, elevating their website's authenticity and standing out from competitors.


Using our custom photos and curated stock images, we visually enriched their brand, creating a memorable online presence.

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