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Graphic Design • Motion Graphics • Video Production



The challenge:

  • Promotion, art direction, internal communication

  • Filming events

  • Promote internal communication, and have a good balance between fun and work-related information.

  • Art direction and production of supports, stationary, corporate

A dynamic video to promote the release of Vital'tv, an internal communication channel to share information and events within VitalAire locals.

This teaser was created in a cooking recipe atmosphere to give the audience a "taste" of what will be the "ingredients" for the future content.

Client Testimonials video promoting the services and the support provided by VitalAire. The motion graphics and video have been made in a stop motion and hand-animated style. We used hand-drawn pictures to make the video style more accomodating.

This was an animated video with a reveal effect to ensure that most of the frequently asked questions have been answered in this Right or Wrong sentence game.

The idea for this video, Telephoning While Driving: Let's Adopt the Proper Behavior, was produced for an ongoing internal project to inform and raise awareness of safe driving on the roads.


The tone is comical, even epic, to reinforce the message's impact and encourage the company's conductors to adopt good behavior and reduce the risk of accidents on the road. 

We used simple flat illustrations to convey a clear message while playing with the comical factor. Humour facilitates the communication and helps the viewer to remember the content.

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