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Delve into our comprehensive Web Design services, crafted to navigate the intricacies of the modern digital realm. Whether you're establishing an online identity, showcasing a portfolio, or setting up a robust e-commerce platform, our tiered pricing caters to every ambition and budget. Select from our meticulously designed packages, each structured to provide unparalleled aesthetics and functionality, ensuring your online presence resonates with distinction and impact.


Single-Page Site Design.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, sometimes less is more. A 1-Pager website offers a concise, yet impactful presence, enabling your audience to quickly grasp your message or offering without the distractions of multiple pages. Ideal for startups, portfolios, event promotions, or any venture aiming to make a swift, strong impression, our 1-Pager design services marry functionality with aesthetics, ensuring a seamless user experience. Elevate your online footprint with a sleek, SEO-friendly, and responsive one-page masterpiece.

One-Pager - Standard Elegance

18.500 kr.


Vibrant one-page design with personalized brand graphics.

Valid for one month

Encompasses all basic One-Pager features, plus:

Enhanced One-Pager

Tailored Graphic Designs

Advanced SEO Optimization

Interactive Elements

Enhanced User Experience

Best offer

One-Pager - Premium Grandeur

32.000 kr.


Dynamic single-page site with integrated video and photos.

Valid for one month

All features from lower tiers plus:

Tailored for Multimedia Content

Custom Photography

Engaging Header Video

Advanced Multimedia Integration

Optimized Media Loading

Multi-Page Website Design.

Expand your online footprint with a dynamic multi-page layout. Ideal for businesses seeking depth and detail.


Best Offer

Multi-Page Website - Standard Elegance

45.000 kr.


Enhanced multi-page experience with added features. 3-5 pages.

Valid for one month

Encompasses all features from the Basic Delight tier.

Up to 5 detailed pages: Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact

2 Section bonus: Testimonials/Portfolio/FAQ

Customized graphic designs/icons tailored to brand identity.

CMS (Content management system) included

Basic analytics setup for tracking.

Best Value

Multi-Page Website - Premium Grandeur

65.000 kr.


Enhanced multi-page experience with added features. 3-5 pages.

Valid for one month

Encompasses all features from the lower tiers.

Advanced analytics setup for tracking.

Multimedia blend for diverse formats.

Custom videos: headers & explainers.

Pro photos & sharp graphic designs.

Image slider or carousel\implementation.


Superior Web Design.

Dive into our Superior Web Design suite— meticulously crafted for those needing a comprehensive online presence. From multi-faceted businesses to content-rich platforms, our designs ensure seamless navigation and a captivating user journey.

Superior Web Design - Standard Elegance

70.000 kr.


Dynamic platform with extended functionalities. 6-8 pages.

Valid for one month

Encompasses all Basic Build features, plus:

6-8 tailored pages implementation.

Customized graphics and icons.

Image slider or carousel feature.

Best Value

Superior Web Design - Premium Grandeur

85.000 kr.


Full-fledged digital suite with premium features. 6-8 pages.

Valid for one month

Encompasses all features from lower tiers, plus:

Personalized header video for the homepage

Premium plug-ins & widgets

Custom Code: Boost visuals & function for unique feel.


Commerce Pro Design.

Venturing beyond a standard web presence? Whether you're envisioning a vast site with numerous pages or embarking on an e-commerce journey, our team is primed to tackle even the most intricate projects. Reach out to us directly for a personnalized consultation and quote tailored to your unique needs.

Book a free consultation now to discuss together your needs!

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