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Macarons Design is a dynamic media agency, blending French flair with Danish precision. Our journey began in Paris and has since extended its global footprint to Svendborg. We specialize in crafting compelling digital content tailored to propel your business to greater online success. In today's competitive landscape, striking visuals and high-value content are essential. We elevate your brand through strategic content and targeted paid advertising across your website and social platforms. Let us differentiate your brand, ensuring it not only stands out but excels.

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Harnessing boundless creativity, our agency crafts digital masterpieces that captivate and convert. In the realm of web design, video production, and SEO, our imaginative flair sets you apart. Let us sprinkle that unique Macarons touch, enhancing your online visibility and driving revenue. Dive into a world where creativity meets results. Ready to taste success? Click that contact button!

High Energy


With a strong ethos, we excel in web design, video, and SEO to amplify your brand. Prioritizing functional design and sustainable partnerships, we elevate startups and businesses online.


Infused with playful creativity, we turn mundane into magnetic. Through innovative web design and video production, we amplify your brand's presence, ensuring it not only shines but also converts. With a knack for SEO optimization, let's make your digital space a vivid playground of potential and profit. Dive in!

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Meet Thibault and Katharina, the dynamic duo at the heart of our powerhouse media agency.


Drawing from a combined background in video production, web design, digital artistry, Comparative Literature, and Digital Design, they've pioneered a unique approach that stands out in today's digital landscape.


Thibault's technical prowess coupled with Katharina's storytelling finesse ensures that your brand doesn't just exist online – it thrives and resonates.


This blend of creative and strategic thinking is why our agency excels, driving conversions and propelling brands to unparalleled online success.


Dive into a partnership with the minds that understand what it takes to shine in the digital realm.

Katharina Willesen

Marketing Manager

With a sharp eye for detail, she magnifies your brand's voice in the digital landscape.


Drawing from her rich marketing and academic background in Comparative Literature and Digital Design, Katharina is a master storyteller and brand strategist.


With her at the helm, anticipate enhanced leads, conversions, and a robust online presence.


Ready to take the leap? Let her expertise drive your brand forward.



Thibault Monlouis

Creative Director

Looking to amplify your brand's digital footprint? Boost sales and soar above competitors?


You've landed at the right spot.

Thibault seamlessly blends digital artistry with technical prowess: spanning video production, sound, graphic, web and motion design.


With us, your distinct voice isn’t just heard, it echoes, driving conversions and ramping up revenues.

Discover the potential of your brand with us. Join us for standout visuals and unmatched online presence.


Book a free session now and let's redefine your online success together!


Marko Freno

UX Designer

Looking to enhance your digital presence with an expert touch? Meet Marko, a dynamic UX designer from Odense.

Energetic and optimistic, Marko brings a unique blend of creativity, critical thinking, and an innate understanding of people. His expertise lies in creating user-friendly websites and webshops, specializing in WordPress and WooCommerce. Known for his communicative and solution-oriented approach, he always puts the audience first, ensuring every design resonates and drives results.

With a track record of delivering both large-scale websites and innovative digital solutions, Marko's agile and data-driven methodology ensures your brand stands out and thrives in the digital landscape.

Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Partner with Marko and experience exceptional digital design that truly connects.

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